VIVA Social Responsibility Cell

VIVA Social Responsibility Cell

About VIVA Social Responsibility Cell

  • VSRC is a new window to integrated digital platform to facilitate and encourage the participation of faculties and students, NGOs, youths and other stakeholders of the society in social responsibility program.
  • It is not simply a charitable organization or social service club, which provides financial and material aid but aims at starting a movement for social change through empowerment and integration of these individuals with the help of education, vocational training and increasing awareness amongst masses.
  • SRC acts as a motivator for young students to come together from all walks of life and join together to work for the cause of the society.
  • It harnesses the support, time and skills of its volunteers to work for small, nascent initiatives.



We pledge to spread happiness and encourage development of individuals and groups through promotion of basic human rights and equality.


Promote social well-being of vulnerable population through constant endeavors and acting as the facilitators of the same.


  • Engage, collaborate with and support stakeholders engaged in social development to foster sustainable growth
  • To facilitate exchange of experiences and ideas between various stakeholders
  • Provide a platform for direct participation to all stakeholders of society and enable transparent accountability
  • To provide relief to people in distress through flagship projects and uplift the economically weaker citizens of the society.

Activities that are going to held under VSRC

  • Providing Healthcare at rural areas
  • Healthcare is important for overall physical, social, and mental health status
  • Prevention of disease
  • Detection and treatment of illness
  • Quality of life
  • In this program, we visit urban areas. We conduct survey on their eating habitat and others.
  • We give them some ideas about nutritional benefits of food items. How they can consume nutritional food by changing their habits.
  • The health burden of poor water quality is enormous.
  • Many diseases are spread because of water. We give awareness of these problems to them.
  • We try to identify the major health problems they faced and try to resolve them at our level.

Visit to NGO, orphanage and old age home

  • In this activity, we visit NGO, orphanage and old age home. We try to give them that happiness which they are missing.
  • We conduct small entertaining activities along with students, which bring smile on their face.
  • In addition, we conduct some sessions, which are beneficial for their day-to-day activities. We deliver informative information to the students, which will motivate them in their life.

Employment at rural areas

  • In this program, we try to help underprivileged divisions of society by providing them support through various activities.
  • The root cause of poverty is Unemployment and lack of educational opportunity. We are trying to identify their skills and provide training to sharpen them so that they can earn for their own.
  • We will try to make available some income resource for them.