About VIVAgaman

  • The induction program was brought in with a view to uplift the level of the entrants to an elevated stage, promote all-round development and exposing learners’ stigmas to minimize and to maximize their learning.
  • Learners come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds & perceptions. Hence, it becomes important to help them adjust to the new environment & inculcate the ethos of the institution with a sense of larger purpose.
  • Induction program is an initiative to groom the overall personality of students and make them acquainted with the culture of the institution.


  • The objectives of the program is to make the students feel comfortable in their new environment, open them up, set a healthy daily routine, create bonding in the batch as well as between faculty and students, develop awareness, sensitivity and understanding of the self, people around them, society at large, and nature.
  • The aim of the program was to ensure that every student feels welcomed, engaged and excited to begin this new important stage in his or her education.
  • The idea was to make the students aware of their prospective opportunities and to show them the path they have adopt in order to become successful engineers.
  • To nurture a deeper understanding of the local and global world and our place at as concerned citizens of the world.
  • To provide adequate foundation in the core applied science subjects and English limited to moderate level.

Outcomes of the Program

  • Entrants were able to display confidence and successful transition into a new academic environment.
  • Entrants were able to utilize primary resources and facilities of the institute.
  • Entrants were able to establish positive acquaintance with their peers, faculties, and institute as whole.
  • Self-analysis and introspection was positively bridged for their academic needs.
  • Entrants were able to get convinced to structured and collaborative learning platform.